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  • Summer Camp Update. June 30th

    Heard from Mark B. Thursday Night.

    Other than the wind trying to blow them home, all has gone well. Said the food has been great.

    When they got there, the showers weren’t working for 2 days. He said the camp is going to make up for tonight at cracker barrel by bringing ice cream for everyone.

    Mark said the white water rafting was great. Said the water flow was way above normal due to all the snow melt. Also said the some of the Ski resorts were going to be open for July 4th due to all the snow last season.

    They plan to leave at 8:00AM Mountain time for the trip home.

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  • Medications Form and more Rafting Information

    Here is a form to help Scouts with medications.

    Click here for Medications Form.

    And, Here is some more information to help to  “Be Prepared” for the River Rafting!

    What do I bring/wear on the river?
    Nylon shorts or some other quick drying material
    Wool socks
    Fleece Vest/Jacket
    Strap-on Sandals or shoes
    Dry Clothes (for after trip)

    Other Information:
    You will not want to wear anything made of cotton on the river. Cotton clothing will
    not dry quickly keeping you cold and wet.

    You may want to buy a water-proof camera (available at the Buffalo Joe’s office) to
    snap on your lifejacket and take pictures on the way down. However, Colorado
    Whitewater Photography does take pictures of each raft on the river and these will be
    available to buy after the trip at our office.

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  • Summer Camp Menu and Recipes!

    Summer Camp Menu and Recipes are available for viewing. Mmmmm. Good Eats!

    Click Here

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  • Missing Health and Rafting Waiver Forms for Summer Camp.

    Jim still needs these things before Saturday!

    If you are attending summer camp and ARE NOT going whitewater rafting, please e-mail Jim A. by 6-21-11 at

    If you ARE whitewater rafting and want chicken instead of steak for lunch, please e-mail Jim A. by 6-21-11.

    The following are persons signed up for summer camp who are missing item(s) from there health forms or have not turned in the rafting waiver.

    The following persons are missing some or all of their health forms:

    Garrett P. missing A&C
    Andrew R. missing A,B,&C
    Kaden S. misssing A&C
    Keith H. missing A,B,&C
    Neil L. missing A,B,&C
    Kerry R. missing A,B,&C

    The following persons are missing the rafting waiver:    Click here to download Rafting Waiver form.
    Christian C.
    Andrew C.
    Ryan C.
    Kris J.
    Shelby M.
    Joseph R.
    Noah R.
    Tong C.
    Thomas C.
    Kerry R.

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  • Help Needed! Ryan’s Eagle Project.

    Ryan Fletcher

    What: Bathroom remodeling. Final Cleanup!

    When: Tuesday – June 21st from 4-6:00PM

    Where: 5129 Lawrence Blvd Amarillo. Click for Map.

    Bring: Work Gloves, Goggles, and Long Jeans. 

    Questions: Call Ryan 352-7632 or e-mail him

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  • Troop Meeting June 20th – Summer Camp Prep.

    If you are Summer Camping, Monday Night is for you.

    Please bring the gear you are going bring camping and have it inspected.

    Meeting in main part of church due the gym being reserved by another group.

    Please review the Camping Packing List.

    If you are not on the Summer Camp Roster, Please call  Tane Appel ASAP! 352-2578

    Also, you must have a signed White Water Rafting Waiver Form before you leave Saturday.

    If you are doing the Leather Working Merit Badge,  you need to meet Matt Hand at 5pm on June 22 at the Tandy Factory.  You will tour the shop to satisfy requirement 5b and each boy will need to buy a kit to complete.  The kits run from about $7 to $20 depending on what the boy chooses.

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