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  • Troop Meeting Monday August 1st!

    Regular Troop Meeting Monday August 1st. 7:00PM at St Stephens.

    We are going to start the Computers Merit Badge.
    Second part will be at August 8th Troop Meeting.

    Merit Badge can be previewed here.
    Computers Merit Badge at

    Also, if you have anything to finish before the Court of Honor on the 20th, please bring it.
    If you need a rank advancement Board of Review or Scoutmaster Conference, be sure to wear your Class A Uniform.

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  • Help Needed! – 9th Annual Boy Scout Sporting Clays Classic

    The Sporting Clays Classic is coming up on Aug 12-13.

    This is one of the biggest fund raisers for the Council. We need over 150 volunteers to make this shoot happen.

    If any of the scouts and/or adults want to help with this, please contact me, Jeff Srygley, or the Scout Office  at PH. 358-6500.

    Click to download the Sporting Clays Volunteer Signup Form 2011

    There are a lot of different areas that you can volunteer for. The shooters enjoy seeing the scouts out there. At this time, we have 62 teams signed up to shoot in this. That is the reason that they come and shoot in this. I know that I will be out there all day for those 2 days.



    More Info.

    Several people have emailed me asking for the times that they needed help.

    On Friday Aug 12 —  Volunteers need to be at Camp Don around 8:00.  Shooting will be from 9-4.  Lunch will be provided

    On Saturday Aug 13 — Volunteers need to be at Camp Don around 7:00.  Shooting will be from 8-5.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

    Some people asked about shifts.  You can work just the morning or just the afternoon.  We really need all of the help that we can get.  If you can work all day, that would be even better.   There are a lot of things that we need help with.  We could use adult help too if any of the parents want to come and help.  I think that there are 64 teams signed up for this year.  That is the most that we have ever had.  We had 44 teams last year.  We need as many scouts as possible.

    If you come down to work, please let me know.  I will be at the 5-stand range.  I will gather a list of the scouts that are there.  I believe that Mr. Jones will give the scouts hours for helping.


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  • Summer Camp Tee Shirts

    If you went to summer camp, please e-mail your shirt size to:

    Adult sizes:  AS  AM  AL  AXL  A2XL  A3XL 
    Youth sizes: YS  YM  YL
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  • July Camp Out is at Camp MK Brown – Cancelled

    The July Campout has been cancelled.

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  • Pioneering Merit Badge from Summer Camp 2011.

    From: Mark Benton

    Scouts: Garrett P. Andrew R. Ryan A. Thomas C. PJ L. Kaden S. Ryan S. Dylan H.

    Following items need to be completed:

    2. Successfully complete Tenderfoot requirements 4a and 4b and First Class requirements 7a, 7b, and 7c. (These are the rope-related requirements.)


    ·         4a. Demonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope. (done at Summer Camp 2011)

    ·         4b. Demonstrate that you know how to tie the following knots and tell what their uses are: two half hitches and the taut-line hitch.


    First Class

    ·         7a. Discuss when you should and should not use lashings. Then demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch and their use in square, shear, and diagonal lashings by joining two or more poles or staves together.
    ·         7b. Use lashing to make a useful camp gadget.


    5. Explain the uses for the back splice, eye splice, and short splice. Using 1/4- or 3/8-inch three-stranded rope, demonstrate how to form each splice.


    8. Demonstrate the use of rope tackle to lift a weight of 25 pounds and pulling a log at least 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet long with the tackle. Use the tackle to put tension on a line. Explain the advantages and limitations of using a rope tackle. In your explanation, describe the potential damage that friction can do to a rope.




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  • Time to Catch Up, and Rafting Photos!

    From: Jim Appel – ASM.

    A CD containing rafting pictures will be provided to each family that had member/members on the rafting trip at the August Court of Honor.

    We have now been back from summer camp for 17 days, it is time to finish up those summer camp merit badge incompletes.  Please contact your merit badge councilor if the requirements have slipped from your memory.

    It is also a great time to finish up any merit badges not finished over the last 1-2 years including summer camp 2010 at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch and the 2011 and 2010 Merit Badge Universities at WT.  If you need to know requirements still needed to finish a merit badge contact the councilor. If you need to know a requirement from PVSC 2010 summer camp, 2011 or 2010 MBU, please contact Jim Appel.  A partial list of merit badges are the following:

    Coin collecting
    Emergency preparedness
    Fire Safety

    Astronomy MB from summer camp needed to complete the sections on sketching the big dipper, drawing the moon and labeling seas and craters,
    sketching the moon 4 days in a row (the moon is now present in the sky either in the AM or PM); and the positions of the sun, moon, and earth in solar eclipse etc. See your handout for information.

    Orienteering MB from summer camp needs to complete the setting up and running a orienteering course.  Your merit badge instructor will be available August 3-7th to complete the MB before the August Court of Honor. This means that Blake B., Matthew B., Seth C., Joseph R., Noah R., and Trevor Y. need to get together  and set a time to meet on one of the dates above.  This will take about2-3 hours to finish.

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