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  • T94 Meeting 4/24 @ John Stiff Park

    Looks like we have some “outside” time!
    Monday the 24th we will meet at John Stiff Park area 10(F/K/A Area 51).
    Everyone needs to bring old and new handbooks and meet with Rita and Jennifer to make sure everything is up to date and goes on the advancement wall chart.
    Also, bring completed merit badge paper work.
    The SPL staff has planned games for those who have completed advancement turn in.
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  • T94 4/17/17 Troop Meeting


    Who is ready for some friendly races….

    If you got skills, SCOUT Skills that is, be at tonight’s meeting!!!

    Prizes for all you knot tying Troop 94ers!

    Bring your compasses too! You’ll need to find your way!

    See y’all tonight!

    Scout Master

    Matt Hand

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  • 4/12/17


    The Troop still have Camp Cards to sell. We need all scouts to sell these and have only had a couple check them out to sell.

    We have been selling at booths along with Sonic Cards and peanuts but still have some left.

    The camp cards are sponsored through the council so  for us to continue selling other things for fundraisers we need to support the Council fundraisers also.

    We sell them for $5 and the scout will receive $2.50 into their account.

    Please let me know if you would like to check any out to sell.

    I can try to get them to you sometime this week.


    Thank you


    Jennifer and Brenda

    Jennifer (806) 681-1203

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  • T94 Committee meeting (update)

    T94 Committee meeting for 4/11 is changed to 4/18/17.

    See you all next week!

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  • Troop Registration for Camporee!


    Time Sensitive—We need to send in the troop registration for Camporee!  Camp O’ree  is April 21-23 at Camp Don.  If you plan to go (youth and adult),  you need to Email Mr. Hand at by 5 pm Thursday March 30.  It will be fun and a chance to show off what we have been working on at meetings.


    Also, don’t forget to work on your scout knots.  We will have a troop knot competition on Monday April 10.  There will be prizes for all scouts who are able to tie all of the required knots for Scout through 1stClass rank.  The knots are in your handbook or this link (with your parents’ permission) has some more good information.



    –Mr. Hand




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  • 3/22/2017

    Due to conflicts this weekend’s campout at Lake Fryer is going to be rescheduled most likely to May. But, if you are really disappointed, Mr. Hand is going hiking in the Palo Duro Canyon on Sunday.  
    If you want to hike, email Mr. Hand at by noon on Friday.  
    Matthew H. Hand
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