Flag Service

  • On the holidays listed below, the Boy Scouts of Troop 94 will provide “Old Glory” in your front yard. Waving proudly, it shows your patriotism and community spirit.

    Your donation helps to further the Scouting program for the young men in
    your area, and shows your support for our country!

    Troop 94 delivers flags in the following Amarillo areas:
    Ridgecrest, Western Plateau, Puckett West, and The Colonies.

    If you live within this area you can have this service for a yearly contribution of $35.

    We deliver flags on the following holidays:

    • Memorial Day
    • Flag Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veterans Day

    For assistance or more information about this service, please contact:
    Click to Email –> Tane Appel – Troop 94 Flag Service

    To begin service or to continue existing service, please mail your
    name, address and phone number along with your $30 contribution to:

    Troop 94 Flag Service

    Attn Tane Appel

    P.O. BOX 20824

    Amarillo, TX  79114

    If you want to contact Troop 94 by mail, just send a letter to:
    Troop 94 Committee Chair, P.O. Box 20824, Amarillo, Texas 79114.