4/6-4/9 Camp Out

  • Reminder this weekend’s camp out to help prepare for Camporee.  Will give us a chance to put into practice the skills you have been working on.

    Scouts signed up:

    1. Tanner
    2. Tyler
    3. John
    4. Caleb
    5. Bentlee
    6. Jerry
    7. Cody
    8. Samuel


    1. Tim Clark
    2. Dennis Overall Fri.-Sat.
    3. Cody Murray Sat.-Sun.



    Leave Church Friday at 6pm, eat before you come.

    Return by noon Sunday – will text out as leaving.

    Be prepared:

    Weather: Latest Forecast…

    Friday : High 73 Low 25 windy

    Saturday:  High 58 Low 40

    Sunday: High 85 Low 41 windy

    Packing List- Put your name or initials on everything

    Wear class A to travel

    Class B for camp

    Mess kit
    flashlight/ headlampPocket Knife
    Sleeping bag
    Jacket/coat- layers

    Rain jacket or poncho
    Cot or mat

    Toiletries if you want a shower

    Compass if you have one

    Sports or hiking shoes

    Scout books

    Water bottle or camelback

    Medications if you have them

    Let Mr. Clark know if you have any questions.806-471-1933