OKPIK Winter Adventure 2018 Camp

  • OKPIK WInter Camp Friday 2/23-Sunday 2/25
    Meet at Saint Stephens Methodist Church at 5:30pm leave church by 6:00pm.
    Eat before you come.
    Weather will vary low near 25, high around 60 with a wind chill.
    Dress in layers!
    Packing List:
    Medical Forms – if not already turned in
    Medications- must be listed on medical form
    Class A for travel
    Notebook, pen/pencil
    Long sleeve shirt
    Hoodie- Troop 94 one if you have one
    Long underwear
    Hiking boots
    Extra socks/underwear
    Winter Jacket
    Rain Gear
    Water bottle and or hydration pack
    Headlamp/flashlight or both
    Sleeping bag
    Blanket for extra warmth
    Sleeping pad/cot
    Pillow or use your bag
    cup with handle
    swimsuit and towel for polar swim
    personal toiletries
    Leaders will be Mr. Overall and Mr. Rodman.