Day 8:56 pm

  • T94 August 4 & 5 Backpacking campout

    The PLC decided to do an overnight backpacking trip in the canyon on Aug 4-5.

    We will leave from the church at 5:30 Friday

    It you are going to go, email Mr. Hand at


    We will talk about and prep for the campout on Monday. For the meeting, either bring your pack with your gear or, a complete list of your gear.

    Also make a list of the gear you think we will need as a crew for the trip.  Eg: First aid kit, camp stove fuel ect.

    You will need a pack to carry your gear, a sleeping bag, 4 ltrs of water and other overnight gear (see the list for camping or backpacking merit badge).

    If you do not have a pack let Mr. Hand know.  We have several we can borrow.


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