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  • NYLT Staff 2017

    Our NYLT Course scheduled for June is gearing up and we are in need of HIGH Quality Staff Members!!

    If you have attended a NYLT Course, are 14 years of age or older and have completed the 8th grade, we are interested in talking to you ASAP.

    Call Morgan Ennis at 806-672-1928 today for more information

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  • T94

    No meeting tonight 2/20/17
    See y’all Friday, Saturday & Sunday for Winter Camp & then on Monday for COH. If you did not sign up for wintercamp at the last meeting, Email Mr. Hand at today.


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  • T94 COH 2/27/17

    Our COH is underway. Please be sure to contact Mrs. Mellessa Denny with your “meal” head count.

    On 2/27/17 we will have our COH at the church SSUMC’s fellowship hall.

    6pm Meal, catered by Young Bloods. $5 per person.

    7pm begins our Ceremony. We will honor two adult who have been in Scouting & our Troop for many years!

    We will also have a DESSERT auction! (The silent auction may not be so quiet…) so bring some extra $$$$ just in case it goes LIVE!!!!

    Scout Dress code: Full Class A with sash.
    Moms: Mother’s necklace (if you have one)

    Mrs. Denny’s details for the meal head count: Text 236-0190 or email

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  • T94 2/24-2/26 Winter Camp

    Winter camp:


    Meet at SSUMC & Leave at 6p on 2/24

    Return to SSUMC at 1p on 2/26

    Adult leaders needed for trip.

    If you have not already signed up,  Email Mr. Hand  to sign up.

    Here’s what I have for the winter camp sign up from Sunday:






    Ryan Crowell

    Michael Galvan






    Matt Hand

    Danny Auberg

    Steven Denny

    Thomas Crowell?

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  • Troop 94 COH 2/27/17

    Hi parents!
    We need a head count for the food catering order.

    If you are planning on attending for the food at 6pm then please Text 236-0190 or email

    With your SCOUT’s NAME & number of people joining him to eat.

    Court of Honor
    6 meal
    7 Ceremony
    Young Bloods is catering.

    Thank you.

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  • T94 2/13/17

    6 pm  PLC

    7pm Troop meeting

    We will have sign up for winter camp and everyone needs to bring their gear packed and ready for camp for shake down.

    Winter camp is on Feb 24, 25 & 26.

    Matthew H. Hand

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