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  • Spook-o-ree items needed for Ghost Walk

    Attached is the list of items for the Ghost walk.  Please be sure to bring what you signed up to bring.   We have several things we are still needing.  If you can bring any of them, please let Mr Hand know at


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  • T94 Monday 10/10/16

    Troop 94
    Bring handbooks and any merit badges you are working on so we can complete advancements.

    All your hidden merit badges can be finished. So let’s get them done.

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  • Items for Spook O’ree/ outstanding merit badge


    The scouts discussed plans for Spook O’ree and each of them have indicated they can bring materials we’ll need for the ghost walk.  Your scout is to visit with you and email confirmation of what they will bring to Mr. Hand at   Each scout is responsible for his own costume and props.   NO CLOWNS. Keep in mind that it is dark on the ghost walk and details like fake blood can’t be seen.  Also,  if you have strobe lights or other props your scout can bring that would be helpful, but be sure everything has your scout’s name otherwise,  it may not get back to you.


    We will leave from the church at 6 pm Friday the 14th to go to Camp Don.  If your scout has a school conflict, and cannot come down Friday,  we still need him to come down Saturday to help haunt the walk.


    Also,  your scout has worksheets for Electricity Merit Badge and Personal Management.  Please help them finish the requirements.  To finish Electricity,  the scout needs to visit with Mr. Rodman and with Mr. Hand to complete Personal Management.


    Scouts can start many of the requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class at home, and speak to an adult or older scout to complete the requirements at a meeting.  Your scout does not have to wait for us to cover requirements at a meeting, but they do have to be signed off by a leader.


    Matthew H. Hand

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  • T94 Meeting

    We’ll be doing spook o ree planning tomorrow 10/3/16 so come with your best scary ideas.
    We also need ideas for the tools, supplies, music, videos we will need.
    Parents, this is a weekend Campout in October…and we need ALL the help we can get. So, let us know you CAN camp with us…or BE A BACK UP camper. 
    Scout Master

    Matt Hand

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  • Fire Safety MB 

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  • Popcorn 2016

    Popcorn 2016

    Our last Monday is 10/17
    *9/24 Begin selling popcorn

    *We can sell online too!

    *Fax in your filled up popcorn sheet weekly

    9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22

    *Always offer Military popcorn

    *$650 club: sell over $650 and you can attend the Swim Party 1/28 @12p-2p

    *Popcorn will be available on 11/12

    *Collect as you go
    See Mr. Rita

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