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  • Fire Safety MB 

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  • Popcorn 2016

    Popcorn 2016

    Our last Monday is 10/17
    *9/24 Begin selling popcorn

    *We can sell online too!

    *Fax in your filled up popcorn sheet weekly

    9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22

    *Always offer Military popcorn

    *$650 club: sell over $650 and you can attend the Swim Party 1/28 @12p-2p

    *Popcorn will be available on 11/12

    *Collect as you go
    See Mr. Rita

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  • T94 Parent Spots

    T94 parents:
    Here is where we need help. Some of our current parents are overwhelmed because we are having to do a lot of the troop positions. This doesn’t reflect that the people in these positions are doing a bad job. They steeped in because we needed someone in that position. Here is where we need help:
    Merit Badge Coordinator – this position helps at PLC. They should be keeping up with when the MB was last taught, when we need to teach each eagle required MB, find a MB counselor to teach the MB if we don’t have one in the troop, recommend MB for the boys to do, etc
    Fundraisers (We really need 2 people for this one) – this position runs the fundraisers for the troop. Runs popcorn, booth sales, etc. This position collects the money from the booth sales, popcorn, etc and calculates the split for the boys accounts. Turns the money into Tane . Comes up with ideas for additional fundraiser opportunities if needed.
    Court of Honor – We need someone to take this on. We already have a listed of places that we have used in the past. It is calling the places to confirm prices, available dates, etc and presenting that to the committee. That way the committee can determine where/what we want to do for Court of Honor. This should be presented at the committee meeting in time for us to make a decision of where to go. Needs to get a headcount of how many people are coming to the court of honor. Communicates with the restaurant the headcount, date, etc as needed. This person also needs to collect the money, list of names, etc from the people as they come in for court of honor.
    Flags – We have 2 people handling this. At least one of them needs to step out because of his job. This position requires scheduling flag work days when we get close to the flag season. They make sure that the flags are ready to go. On the work day, making any repairs to the flags(replacing bolts, nuts, etc), making sure that the flags are clean, replacing any flags that are torn so that they can be retired, making sure all of the flags on the routes are marked and pipe is put in the ground at each of the customers houses, etc.
    Pizza Person – usually the quartermaster does this, but they have been busy. I have been doing it lately. We need someone to be able to order the pizza, pick it up, and deliver it to the church about 6:30 or so on the PLC nights.
    Assistant Scoutmaster – We could use a couple of people in this position. They would be able to step in and lead the meeting whenever the scoutmaster is unable to. They could help with scoutmaster conferences as needed.
    Communication – I am not really sure what to call this position. Met and greet with new parents coming in. Making sure that we get everything communicated out to the troop the day before. Either on facebook, email, twitter, text, etc. Even if it a quick note to say – reminder committee meeting tomorrow night, etc. I know that there a couple of us that do this, but we send out a very detailed one. A quick reminder might be beneficial.
    Shooting Sports – we are need of a couple of more adults to take some of the instructor level classes or become RSOs. We need people in these positions to be able to go to Camp Don to shoot. Most of the ones that were certified are no longer in the troop.
    Committees – we have several spots on different committees that we need help with.

    Calendar – we need a group of people to sit down and create the calendar for the troop for the year. They go through and schedule the weekends for the campouts, etc. This is looking at the school calendars and determining if we want to meet on that Monday night or go camping that weekend based on football games, etc. This will help with the adult leadership on campouts. That way people know quite a bit ahead of time when they need to ask off for. They don’t determine where we are going though. That is up to the boys.

    Funding – we need this committee to help determine what to do with some of the funding that we have available. They will come back with different options for the committee to vote on.

    Scholarship – we discussed at one time a couple of different things on why we might need this committee.
    There may be a few others. If you are interested in helping in any of these positions, please let me know. We can discuss it more in detail.

    Jeff Srygley 

    Troop 94

    Boy Scout Troop 94 – Amarillo Texas · P.O. Box 20824 · Amarillo, TX 79114 · USA 

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  • Eagle Project 8/20/16 Tyler Overall

    Eagle Project:
    Tyler Overall’s ramp project on
    Saturday 8/20/16
    Time changed to 9:00 instead of 8:30
    Thank you


    Email with any questions.

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  • Troop 94 8/15/16

    Don’t forget, tonight is the second part of Geocaching MB. We will meet at McDonald Lake in Southwest Park. If you haven’t already done so, with your parent’s permission, you need to complete the Cyber Chip requirements and load the Groundspeak app on your phone and be ready to do cache hunting. It will be a fun meeting.

    Also, we will have PLC tonight at 6 at the park. Please attend with some fun ideas for September meetings. We will have pizza for those attending PLC. If you don’t attend PLC and help with planning, no pizza for you.

    Thank everyone who helped with Sporting Clays. It was a great event because of you.

    Matthew H. Hand

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  • Sporting Clays 2016

    Troop 94 Be sure to check your email and see the details from Mr. Srygley.


    See y’all tomorrow!!!!

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